CROWDFUNDING PLEA - Want to be a Firestarter?

CROWDFUNDING PLEA - Want to be a Firestarter?

Executive Summary:

Mark Reynolds and, Top Baconeer Susan, are a Bacon making company called Piggery-Smokery™ from Aberdeenshire.  They create a world class, multi-award winning, range of superior Bacons with known provenance all from their family home kitchen!  But this is their big issue, their facilities & equipment are overwhelmed, they need space & automation. With current production rates at 65kgs+/week existing home Bacon making has become unsustainable. They don't have full investment required for entry level artisan equipment or for a production property with land & which they've found near Alford, Aberdeenshire and for which they have put in a note of interest.  They need crowd fund help.  Initial target is £22,000 for basic slicer but their turn key need, is.. space which they can then use to expand, diversify & develop. They have £50k already. The site they've identified needs £200,000.

This investment plan gives them resilience and sustainability in a Post Brexit, COVID world & fully aligns with Scottish Governments’ Food & Drink Ambition to double Aberdeenshire’s food & drink output by 2030 & offers diversity and choice.

They make good food. #epicbacon.

Want to be an icon, fire starter? We'd appreciate your support. Thank-you.

Mark Reynolds, Sept 2020.

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