Dave's 50th

Daves’ 50th was a good day. The West coast of Scotland can be like no other place on earth in both good and bad weather, but especially in glorious weather,with no midges. And so it was this weekend. September and roasting. Really, really hot and we were unable to stand on the sand without burning the soles of our feet. It was so warm I swam for 45 minutes in the sea without lapsing into hypothermia. And I remember that there was no wave lapping motion at all on the beach not the slightest ripple – it was as if we were bathing in a huge warm puddle, everything still and motionless save for the suns’ rays reflecting off the sea and underlighting the nearby pines. Fantastic, and much like Greece, I suppose, in summer.

It was great to see him again. Despite living only several miles apart it took an epic trip of 200 miles to get to really see him for any length of time, on this fabulous coast and near the fantastic beaches of Morar and Camasdarach.

50 was a milestone for my dear friend. He had been, and still was, a dangerous man. He was well into high speed driving on motorcycles and fast cars and addicted to winter ice climbing in the scattered corries of the world. I can verify that as I’d been with him on some of these escapades. Added to that was the fact that Dave had had to endure inordinate amount of pain only a couple of years after leaving University, and before his career could fully kick in, with a serious, life threatening disease. 50 was amazing.

I’d taken a photo of myself standing behind my Harley Davidson in Sarasota, FL and sent it him. I’d bought it having sold everything I owned and embarked on a grand tour of the US with another dear mate, Dek. The photo was black and white and I had cool shades and a massive motorcycle that kind of dwarfed me. It was totally unlike anything that Dave would even consider looking at let alone ride for miles and miles across the States. Nevertheless a great photo. Anyway, I visited Dave, in his hospital bed, on my return. Him all groany and terrible and me all shocked. He had my photo by his bed, next to his water. I couldn’t not turn up to his birthday bash and we celebrated life with his kids and mine and with an excellent bacon roll as the sun rose in the East.