Oil and Gas Dinosaurs and The Hanze Panda

You know, whilst working at my last office, in the Oil Capital of Europe, we had the Offshore Oil Exhibition each year on our doorstep. Fundamentally it's a great thing. A huge opportunity for everyone and should be used as that, a big feather puffing event to look at stuff, see the technology and make contacts. By talking and discussing things then possibilities can seem daunting yet endless and real, available yet maybe requires a wee bit of R&D. Who knows?

I was always surprised at my boss's attitude to this show. "Well let's be efficient and let's not visit the same folks" he'd say. "If you must go, make sure you coordinate with anyone else who goes, don't go en-masse and try not to take the whole day." he'd say. He was reticent even to sign the timesheet for the hours. I didn't listen, which is maybe why I'm making Bacon now, waiting for another job. I could kind of see his point but, nevertheless, I thought it was really shallow and restrictive. It stalled, for me, what I thought was the actual point of the show. His underlying image was that the day would be a chance to take the mickey and scyve off or go shopping. He never went himself.

If I was the boss I would have seen the point very differently. My drive would have been to get all my guys out there, the whole team. Spilt them up and go seek and repeat contacts if you like - "Go talk and discuss. Take the day, I'll sign your timesheet, go out and see what's out there, if anything. Go figure out if we can apply 'whatever' to what we're doing to make us leading and ahead of the game. See if there's stuff that can help us be more efficient, more cost effective. If you send out your CV come speak to me and we'll see what we can do. Here's a tenner, go get lunch too. Enjoy."

I would have then organised a post-show meeting. Everyone's slant on what information they'd taken in would be discussed and digested and possibilities, if any, realised. Some, possibly, may have been taken forward: like RFID for pigs, or ready reckoner, quick fire, semi intelligent state-of-the-pipeline pigging. All great ideas. As it was, the boss never followed up if there was anything of use that me and my immediate pigging colleague discovered. We were 2 show goers out of a squad of 14 possibilities.

Now that I'm keeping myself busy in the world of artisan and excellent Charcuterie, I'm putting my thoughts into practice. We're delighted to have a fantastic variety of customers noshing our bacons here at Piggery-Smokery. It amazes me. Many originate from all over the world. We love that, it keeps us on the frontier of knowledge for the 'freshideasfactory'. We talk with these folks and have tea and stuff. Last week we had folks from Zimbabwe come by and we sorted Tafadazwa with some lovely streaky and we sent a box of "RecuperBacion Bacon" down to Brixton for some dude discharged from the hospital and where the food was apparently rank - poor lad.

Recently, a Chinese gentleman asked us to create a 'one off special' for his Chinese New Year. And so, a wee baby emerged yesterday. A wee bit of this, a wee bit of that and here we have it - The Hanze Panda. This is early stage stuff but we thought it looked and smelled pretty cool. It's drying out currently.

It's amazing what you can create when you give it a go, where things can take you. We've still to taste it but, so far, it looks delicious. There'll not be too much wrong with it at worst. At best we'll be ahead of the game and into a new zone of well informed, learned technology that's unique and makes us stand out. We sliced it up and had the grandest Chinese Bacon ever.