Baconeese Toastie Kebab

Fried bready bacon cheesy kebab.

  • Quality and most awesome Streaky - we know where you can get that from – may contain minute traces of Gluten
  • Some Local bread 2cm cubed - may contain Gluten
  • Some Local cheese – not too salty – cubed - may contain Dairy
  • Olive oil

This recipe will take 5 minutes to cook.

  • Layout strips of streaky bacon on a plate. Place a cube of cheese on one end and fold bacon and cheese over. Place cube of bread on top of fold and fold again thus creating layers of cheese, bacon, bread and more bacon. Secure with a kebab stick.
  • Drizzle oil over the bread to soak.
  • Place on hot plate and fry until golden brown.  Careful cheese and bacon fat wil be well hot, but go on, munch that sucker.