Corn Hog Balls

Ooocha, sounds offaly odd.

Corn Hog Balls are the Piggery-Smokery version of Corn Dogs of course! They're wee bacony corn cake starters, really yum and dead easy. 10 minutes max and minimal washing up too, wey hey! They go like this:


  • 2 parts (like a mug or cup) corn meal or Pollenta (eh? basically corn-on-the-cob flour) to 1 part Self Raising flour,
  • 1 free range organic egg,
  • 200ml milk,
  • some melted butter,
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of maple syrup or sugar
  • and a heaped teaspoon of Baking Powder.


  • Mix all the ingredients together in a clean bowl and form a thick sticky dough / batter.
  • Cut up a great muckle puckle pile of Sweet Beaver (Piggery-Smokery Maple Cure bacon, naturally) into tiny crumbs with a sharp knife, add to the mix and stir it in. Use streaky if you can but anything good will be ok.
  • Roll the dough into round golf ball or malteser sized balls and squash them flat..tish.
  • Fire up a wok on a medium flame with a good glug of vegetable oil in it. Yeah, yeah right - hot oil and naked flames = danger = be careful of course have pan lid ready = enough said.
  • Switch on Natalie Merchants' 'Break Your Heart' and listen to it - how divine is that lady's voice.....
  • Oil should be hot by now.
  • Put the Corn Hog Balls gently into the oil.
  • Flip over every now and again, should be about 2 minutes to cook until brown on the outside and kind of floating in the hot oil. Test one to see it's cooked all the way through. Do the rest. Turn off the wok.
  • Make a wee fresh salad and have some kind of acidic chutney at the ready and munch through them....all with a nice cold beer or a glass of cold, cold water.
  • Very yum.

Come on, all you got to do is go get the Polenta probably - I had to. Enjoy. Anyone can do it, come on, get to it.