Epic Bacon Roll

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  • 1 x Artisan brioche roll or croissant
  • Unsalted butter to spread
  • 1 x fresh organic lettuce leaf to garnish
  • Some Cherry tomatoes – cut fine to garnish
This recipe will take around 4 minutes to cook you can do it during the adverts or while you're mum's gone upstairs and no-one would even know.
  • Wash you hands and dry them thoroughly.
  • Fill and put on kettle.
  • Extraction fan on high. Heat pan to very hot and add bacon slices for 60 seconds. Meanwhile split Brioche roll and toast on a grill if you like (remember Brioche contains sugar and will brown very quickly!).
  • Butter with unsalted butter if you must.  At Piggery-Smokery yes we must.
  • Make tea or coffee.
  • Flip over bacon and cook for another 30 seconds.
  • Place lettuce on top of half cut roll and add some fine cut tomatoes.
  • Remove bacon and juices from pan and add to roll.
  • Turn off grill.
  • Serve hot!