Streak and be Proud (in the privacy of your own home)

Ok this one is dead easy.  Feeling all listless and hmmummph? Probably raining outside and you're a bit dejected right? Then come on, take Piggery-Smokerys' hand and let's get your Mojo working again. Get this down you and everything will be ok.



This recipe will take around 60 seconds to cook, unbelievable.
  • Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly
  • Fill and put on kettle
  • Make tea or coffee
  • Extraction fan on high. Heat pan to very hot and add bacon streaks for 30 seconds
  • Flip over bacon and cook for another 30 seconds
  • Turn off grill. Serve hot!
  • Put cooked rasher on plate and grab cup of tea or coffee and go sit on the sofa and soak in that bacon flavour.
Now, stand up and face that challenge, you can do it, fortified on streaky.