Sweet Beaver Yoghurt

Sweet Beaver™ Honey Yoghurt (It's got to be good!)

  • 2 x rashers of Piggery-Smokery Dark Dubhloch™ streaky or Sweet Beaver™ Streaky Bacon – minute traces of Gluten
  • Sweet Caramelising Paste - Brown sugar mixed to a paste with some cider vinegar (may contain Sulphites).
  • Local Natural Yoghurt
  • Local Honey
  • Some local seasonal Blackberries – crushed and generally beaten up a bit

This recipe will take approximately 25 minutes - 20 minutes for caramelised bacon sticks and 3 minutes to assemble.

  • Heat oven to 180 deg C
  • Baste streaky bacon in sweet paste and pop in oven on a rack for s few minutes, basting evety now and again and repeat several times - that's what takes 25 minutes)
  • Meanwhile mix half the yoghurt pot or more with a dessert spoonful of local honey - maybe even some brown sugar so yoghurt is a bit crunchy to taste.
  • Remove caramelised bacon and make into shards
  • Save the caramelised crumbs and mix these into the honey / yoghurt mix. mix in the beaten up blackberries to create streaks in the white yoghurt.
  • Serve cold in dessert pots with caramelised bacon stick.