Naked Toad - Lardons
Naked Toad - Lardons Naked Toad - Lardons

Naked Toad - Lardons


Plain Hand Cut Batons.

These stocky wee fellas are hand cut and will totally 'beef' up your meals. Lovely parcels of smoked chunkiness giving huge big hugs of happiness to dish flavours and variations to textures. Excellent tongue appeal.

Allergens: None.

Cooking: Done in 90 seconds flat - high heat, frying pan, no oil, 60 seconds side one and 30 seconds side two is how we like it. Put on the extractor fan! Doesn't take long, seriously, this is a different beast than you may be used to - treat as you would a loved one... like your Nana.

Pairing: Fried off quickly until crispy and delivered warm into salads and quiches. Mix them up into burgers and carbonaras or simply fried off and into a toasted pitta bread. Totally versatile!

History: Named after our youngest team member, taken on hiking and biking trips but ace for a noisy Sunday brunch too.

Approx. 5-10mm batons standard, Standard packet >192grms around £5 / packet (£26/kg).

Thicker / thinner batons or yummy end bits you do what you like with available by request - 1 kg min order - phone us.

Note: These are hand cut lardons and we cannot guarantee uniform sizes in each pack. However, we do try really hard to make sure that the lardons are all approximately the same size so we can help you guys perfect your cooking skills by having uniform cooking time