Please Note: We make World Class Bacon in our home kitchen and 'batch produce' over 3 weeks to create Bacon as good as we make. So folks, please bear with us. We'll supply demand as best we can. Please keep trying & we'll get around to you, promise. Apologies in advance. Team P-S


Piggery-Smokery is a dedicated creator of Bacon products. We punch way above our weight in terms of taste, value and customer relations.  We are Baconeers with a huge passion for quirkiness and innovation and we're “empowered by creativity”. This drives contemporary slants to ancient techniques and produces a highly sophisticated, real food, for taste lovers the world over.

We are delighted that you've chosen to look through our products. Really, thanks.  We offer a force majeure of bacon, with 100% known provenance and second to absolutely none great, local, handmade quality. It's a great food investment that's even been recognised by the Guild of Fine Foods too.

Our pork supplier, local farmer Ian, is equally passionate about his pigs. He was Pig Farmer of the year in 2013. We're really happy with our choice of raw local produce. It achieves, on balance, high standards, high welfare and great, phenomenal taste.

 Find out more about where we source our piggies.

This is a hard business. It's lots of work. Small details, massive imagination and drive and application count and our results, we're told, are well worth the effort. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your Piggery-Smokery products.  Let us know.

Thank you - Mark and Su, and Team Piggery-Smokery.

Mark Reynolds - Top Baconeer - Head of Ideas & Drive Train 


For 27 years Mark's been a pipeline operations engineer for the last 27 years in the Oil & Gas industry.  He's in his 4th month of unemployment. He likes 'real' foods, grows his own veg and goes on long hikes with his kids. He's travelled, has motorcycles and loves his dogs. 

A rule pusher with a touch of OCD he's a fire ball of energy with an undoubted passion. Don't let him sit down otherwise sleep will stop him.

Su Reynolds
Top Baconeer - Head of Supply Chain, Records and Reality Checks

Local lass from the NE coast she knows doric intimately which helps with our suppliers.

She's a talented mum, expert baker, cake decorator and awesome marmalade maker. She works hard to keep bacon production on stream.

This Angel can make silk purses from Pigs' ears. She's the "pigs' trotters" ensuring consistency by shouting "Oi!, stick to the recipe Mark!".