CROWDFUND - Whatever?
CROWDFUND - Whatever? CROWDFUND - Whatever?

CROWDFUND - Whatever?


Overwhelmed with demand for their multi award winning Bacons, Piggery-Smokery are unsustainable in their current set up. They need SPACE - 'Gen3' Bacons need ‘borned'. Can you help us secure production space & some automated machinery? See our blog: CROWDFUNDING PLEA - Want to be a firestarter?

Our Target of £22592+ & will allow us to buy an entry level Bacon slicer capable of auto-slicing 'flitches', a time saving of 60%!!

But.....we're in this for the long term, for Aberdeenshire, the place where we live:

PRODUCTION SPACE is what we really need.  It's key for long term survival as a great little, maybe even Iconic, Scottish business. We have something lined up, on the market for £200,000.  If we manage to go beyond our target of £22k then we'll put the money toward a new diversified & innovative HQ.

Could you help us move to the 'next level'? We have 50 days from now.

Genuinely, "Thank-you" from Team Piggery-Smokery™

The Whatever

Well, if you can't decide or if you reckon we have a great potential, products, great attitude and have long term benefits for the diversity & choice within Aberdeenshire, innovation, spark and get up and go then please message us privately and we can discuss of course or get in touch anonymously. We're open for suggestions folks.

Delivery: - TBA.