Grizzly Adams Downfall Streaky

Grizzly Adams Downfall Streaky


Maple and Ale Streaky Bacon, Contains GLUTEN

Cooking: Done in 60 seconds flat - high heat, frying pan, no oil, 30 seconds side one and 30 seconds side two is how we like it. Put on the extractor fan! Doesn't take long, seriously this is a different beast than you may be used to - treat as you would a loved one.

Pairing: Ace breakfast bacon, or when you need a pick me up after a night out. Lovely maple and ale combo

History: Highlands entering Canada from Cumberlands' clearances probably took loads of Sweet Beaver and beer  across the plains with them. Perfect for camping or to that 

Approx. 3-4mm slice standard, Standard packet >200grms £5.00/packet (£26/kg).

Flitches and thicker / thinner cuts available by request - 1 kg min order - phone us