Naked Slimline Toad - Ultrathin

Naked Slimline Toad - Ultrathin

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Naked Toad - Ultrathin

These are the ultimate charcuterie treat from Piggery-Smokery, so good in fact we don't even cook them. Plain clean taste and slightly smoked for a 'hmmm that's good' moment - one for the purists.

Allergens: None.

Cooking: Done in 10 seconds flat - high heat, frying pan, no oil, 10 seconds & 'shoogle' it quickly, really quickly, around the pan. Or leave it and watch cute ruffles form in the fat. Put on the extractor fan! Doesn't take long, seriously this is a different beast than you may be used to - treat as you would a loved one.

Note: Here at Piggery-Smokery HQ we eat it straight from the packet. What raw bacon? Nah, it ain't raw! It started as really fresh raw pork, and then we cured, dried and smoked it over 3 weeks. It is fabulous and it's the same method of production as Proscuitto di Parma but it's from pork belly not the leg, way thinner and the meats from Scotland. It is incredibly delicate with a really fine, fine fat. No-one else is doing this, but they will when they see we are. It's just a ham but a wee bit different.

Pairing: Go upmarket with this baby, twist it on one of Norman's oatcakes with a wee pickle or a cornichon. Sweet Beaver with Melon, what could be better, 70's style.

History: We were showing Patrice, a French bloke who owns the Deli in a town close to us, our range of bacons. He opened a packet and just ate a rasher there and then on the counter top "nom, nom, nom". Said it tasted "orsom" and put the packets in his fridge. Mark went home and did the same (only in a Scottish accent), but he cut it really thin, wafer, kind of translucent thin - just like the Italian Proscuitto Di Parma. It was a delightful and refreshing revelation. Bingo Ultrathin.

Packs at £2.50 each >70grms / £35/kg.