Pannanich Sprite.
Pannanich Sprite. Pannanich Sprite. Pannanich Sprite. Pannanich Sprite.

Pannanich Sprite.

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Approx. 5mm slice standard, Standard packet >238grms approx £5.00/packet (£21/kg).

The Pannanich Sprite was created using botanicals from the "Lost Loch Spirits" Murmichan - Scotlands first Absinthe!

Just a few miles away from our Piggery-Smokery HQ.

This description is from their web page - "We use a mixture of traditional and Scottish botanicals including grande wormwood, roman wormwood, green aniseed, fennel seed, hyssop, star anise, lemon balm, mint leaves, bramble leaves, lemon thyme and heather flower. We also distil Deeside heather, clover and willow herb honey giving our absinthe a unique taste and mouth feel.

Murmichan is crafted with water from the ancient Pannanich Wells in the Cairngorms. The Wells were first mentioned by the Knights Templar in 1245 as they travelled through the Deeside Valley. Famous for its healing properties the Wells were a favourite of Queen Victoria who wrote passionately about them in her Highland Journals." 

We use these lovely ingredients to cure our very own Sprite. It has a beautiful Fennel, Lemon Balm Flavour and is a must for Bacon lovers everywhere - pretty much Italin Chic fe Alford! 

Cooking: Done in 90 seconds flat - high heat, frying pan, no oil, 60 seconds side one and 30 seconds side two is how we like it. Put on the extractor fan! Doesn't take long, seriously, this is a different beast than you may be used to - treat as you would a loved one.