PepperBack Finn - Back Bacon
PepperBack Finn - Back Bacon PepperBack Finn - Back Bacon PepperBack Finn - Back Bacon PepperBack Finn - Back Bacon

PepperBack Finn - Back Bacon


Peppercorn & Juniper - warm, homestead fire bacon.

Another of our Dyslxc bacons in a 'Pacnetta' flavour style - dry cured using wild juniper, warm black peppercorns and homegrownn bay leaves. Simple aromatic flavour profile using a classic Italian country recipe. Warm, mild peppery back taste, almost narcotic smell.

Allergens: Garlic.

Cooking: Done in 90 seconds flat - high heat, frying pan, no oil, 60 seconds side one and 30 seconds side two is how we like it. Put on the extractor fan! Doesn't take long, seriously, this is a different beast than you may be used to - treat as you would a loved one.

Pairing: Get out there and experiment, it's what cooking is all about. Do anything Mediterranean really, right down to salads. Thi sis totally savoury - it's right bang in there, the epicentre of savoury. Beautiful on Pizzas, tomato-based soups or minestrones. Fried off on its own or as a cheese / fried bread kebab or with lovely marinated cooked beef strips. Try it with haggis or that favourite black pudding from out West Stornoway direction. Use in any dish requiring sophistication and possibly needs its own space to be fully appreciated. Wrap in and around chicken breast.

History: Homemaker bacon for a relaxing day having been at the park pushing the swing forever then getting home and sitting at a table with your family, maybe even drinking some lunchtime wine, yeah nice with a good red wine. This is an exotic holiday reminder. Sold out at BrewDog AGM 2016. Named after lovely dyslexic kid who also tries hard and delivers.

Approx. 5mm slice standard, Standard packet >238grms approx £5.00/packet (£22/kg).

Flitches and thicker / thinner cuts available by request - 1 kg min order - phone us.